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Interview with Former Jay Frank Catalanotto

Although he only had 2003-2006 to play with the Blue Jays, Frank Catalanotto really made his presence known. In the second game of a double header vs. the Chicago White Sox (May 1, 2004), Frank became the first Blue Jay to go 6 for 6 in one game. His batting average never dropped below .293 during his time in Toronto.

Frank was born and raised on Long Island, New York. He fell in love with baseball very early and just couldn’t get enough of throwing, hitting and pretending he was playing at Yankee Stadium with his childhood heroes. After an eventful Little League career and getting cut from an elite New York area travel team, Frank began what would be a very average high school baseball career at Smithtown East. But, midway through his senior year he began to get noticed by local scouts. They saw that Frank could hit and, even better, he did it from the left side. -Heart & Hustle

After the Blue Jays went public with the 2012 logo, it was obviously what everybody was talking about. Everybody has an opinion on them, and it’s great to see what a former player would have to say on them.

  • What’s your opinion on the new uniforms?
“I really like the Blue Jays new uniforms. I like that it looks like the old uniforms. Gives it an old school feel.”
  •  Is there any story behind your number (27)?
‘No. It was given to me when I got there.”

Frank also played for Italy in the 2006 and 2009 World Baseball Classic. He shares with us what that experience was like.
“Playing for team Italy in the WBC was great! It was nice seeing the passion that the Italians had for baseball and I loved how eager they were to learn from some of the major league guys. I still keep in touch with some of the Italian players.”
  • What teammates did you get along with really well?
“From the Blue Jays, I got along real well with John McDonald, Vernon Wells and Carlos Delgado.”
  • Imagine that you had complete control over the Blue Jays – player movements, pitching rotation, staffing, etc. What would you change?
“If I was GM for the Jays right now I wouldn’t change anything. I think that Alex is doing a great job. He’s got a good, young, exciting club that I think will find themselves in the playoffs next season after a long layoff.”
  • Do you think Interleague games take might away the importance of the World Series?
“I don’t think interleague games take away the importance of the world series. I think interleague is real good for baseball and fans seem to like that they get to see some different teams during the season.”

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