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Tweet Collection: So, will the trade go through?

R.A. Dickey

There’s been a lot of talks about Mets’ knuckleballer R.A. Dickey being involved in a trade with the Blue Jays. However, many fans are starting to doubt the rumours due to the length of time we’ve been waiting to read the tweets saying “It’s official!”


Ahh, okay. The trade didn’t go through, but that doesn’t mean it won’t. However, that doesn’t mean it will. That makes a lot more sense. Back to you, Jon.

I have to admit, I’m cleaning up a bit of Jon’s tweets. It’s the editor in me.

Okay, sure. That’s not really news, but hey.

Here’s a good tweet from Wilner, for everyone concerned about giving up too many farm players.

Prospects, or a chance at the playoffs? Hmm…


and finally, an observation by Jeff Passan.