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Supporting the Blue Jays No Matter How They Start

R.A. Dickey

For the first time in years, the Toronto Blue Jays are a team we can all be excited about. After a very active winter, the Blue Jays are looking like the team to beat in the AL east, if not the entire MLB. This is a major change for most of us who haven’t had a team this good to cheer for since 1993. But what happens if April comes and this team isn’t doing as well as expected?

This is a team that will likely have some rocky moments, especially early on in the season. We picked up two very talented hitters in Reyes and Cabrera over the off season but it may take them some time to settle into the very talented AL east. It will be a similar story for the newly acquired arms of Dickey and Johnson. They are new to the AL which is missing the free out usually associated with the pitcher’s spot in the batting order and the game is played differently in several aspects between the two leagues. Buehrle has some experience in the AL having been with the White Sox for several seasons and should adjust more easily.

This doesn’t mean that the players will struggle necessarily but it does mean that just because the Blue Jays might not get out to the fastest start that they won’t recover. We also have a lot of young players but they are young players with a lot of upside. Most seem to forget that J.P. Arencibia is only going into his third full season in the major leagues and has shown huge improvements each year. Lawrie is a definite fan favourite but he still has things to learn that will only come with more experience. And let’s not forget that there is a ton of pressure on these guys to win this year and that’s not easy to handle for anyone.

Regardless of how they start, the best thing we as fans can do is show up to the games and support this team no matter how they’re doing in the standings. We need to cheer our Blue Jays on even if they’re struggling. This team is going to win some and this team is going to lose some. The entire AL east is still extremely competitive so let’s do our part and support this team to the very bright days that appear to be ahead. Let’s go Jays!


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  • Guest

    Hey, we’re only a few games in. Spring Training is about getting back in shape and seeing how the minor leaguers play in the bigs. We’re taking over the regulars!

  • dave_from_niagara

    Babe Ruth said, “The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.” That applies to the Blue Jays as well. They have the most improved team out of the entire league, but if they don’t work together, we’ll end up in the same spot as last year.

    • Ty

      That’s actually a very appropriate quote for this situation. Hopefully they can learn to play as a team in spring training. Go Jays!

  • Jocko69

    Spring training is about reviewing ALL the players, including the 40-man and the invitees. We don’t have any problems with the signed players…let’s hope we can slot a few more in Buffalo!