Blue Jays Nation

A Tale of Two Richards

For the 8,525 baseball fans at Coca-Cola Field, in Buffalo, New York, Ricky Romero showed why he was an All-Star in the MLB not too long ago. Many people would suggest that one game does not make a major league pitcher, and I would whole-heartedly agree with you. The fact remains that for eight innings, on July 14, Richard was the king of the diamond.

Romero gave up only four hits, one walk, and one earned run with four strikeouts against the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders, a team with a similar record coming into today’s game. What was more impressive was the way he commanded the game in other areas. He threw 62 strikes on 93 pitches, something that has been plaguing him in terms of his control for the majority of the season. With a number of groundouts as well as strikeouts, Romero kept the RailRiders off of the bases, leaving only three runners on base for the game. He even picked off a baserunner at first base.

The Los Angeles-native has had two good starts in the last week, recently beating Syracuse and giving up only two earned runs on seven strikeouts, and continues to lower his ERA while staying deeper into ball games. If you were to look at his last ten games, you could argue that he does not have enough of a sample size to make any impact with the Blue Jays management. I disagree.

Ricky Romero definitely should not be brought up to the Blue Jays roster, but that should not be the important part for Romero’s career at this point. Remember, this is a one-time MLB All-Star pitcher who many experts felt was done. Finished. Washed up. Over. The fact that he can produce at the Triple-A level, a respectable, competitive division in its own right, is incredible considering his mental state when he came to Western New York.

Let this man flourish with The Herd. Let him dominate on the mound against Triple-A hitters. He is on the complete opposite side of the country from his family in California. He is just south of where ravenous Blue Jays fans wanted his head. Cut this guy a break! Let him stay here with the Bisons for the rest of the season, a place where his loyal Blue Jays fans (like my kid) can cheer for him and he can become a new hero to the Herd’s faithful. Let Ricky have a chance to become the future ballplayer he wants to be and not worry about the judgemental finger-pointings of the past. Judging by these recent performances, maybe the king is in the building after all.

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